Unlocking Glory Study Guide


As you embark on this journey with the Lord through Unlocking Glory, this study guide will enhance your experience. The Lord will bring you to higher heights and deeper depths in your spiritual growth. It will invoke a love for God’s Word and cause moments of self-reflection. You will receive an impartation as you read each chapter that will cause you to walk in greater Kingdom Authority over the powers of darkness. Enjoy the experience, as you journey through Holy Spirit inspired teaching on the nine Gifts of the Spirit and the Fifty Facets of the Apostolic Ministry, it will empower and equip you for victory! Come away with a better understanding of how God speaks through dreams, visions, and similitudes to direct your path, change the course of your life and/or give warning of what’s ahead.

You were made in the very image of God. Created to not only reflect His image, His character, and His attributes to the world, but you were created to move through the authority of His name and the power of His blood. God loves you so much and paid a high price for you to live victoriously!

With Unlocking Glory and its study guide, you will be well on your way to hearing the voice of the Lord more clearly in your life. Many questions you may not have even thought of will be answered for you through this process. I am excited for your journey and pray that the Lord Jesus Christ pours out and imparts to you the deep meat of His word and enables you to have an intimate relationship with His Spirit in your life.



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