Unlocking Glory


Are you eager to hear the voice of God? It is great to have an encounter, but nothing will change you like hearing His Voice! Do you want to experience a life lived under an Open Heaven? Do you desire to move in the Supernatural Gifts of His Spirit? Do you want to walk in the Victory and Abundant life Jesus paid for you to walk in? If so, you have found the Key that will Unlock this Door for you!

Unlocking Glory offers deep revelation of the Word of God through Prophetic teaching. You will receive an Impartation as you read each chapter, that will bring you into new levels of Spiritual Maturity. You will find yourself walking in Greater Authority over the powers of darkness. The Dynamic testimonies will stir up a lasting fire within your spirit that will cause you to take the limitations off of what God will do for and through you!

Discover the incredible knowledge held within these pages as the truth of God’s Word is poured out to equip you to arise and take your place. Unlocking Glory will instruct you how to yield to the Spirit of the Lord and operate in His Gifts. You will come away with an in-depth knowledge of the Fifty Facets of the Apostolic Ministry, enabling you to grab hold of the Keys to the Anointing, as you line yourself up with His plan for your life.

Apostle / Author / Co-Founder, Cara L. Nordeen is the Co-Founder of High Tower Ministries, Inc. which is a non-profit 501c3 Corporation, based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is an Exhorter that has an Apostolic Mantel with Prophetic Insight to train and equip the Body of Christ. Unlocking Glory will be sought after for generations to come, It is a True Treasure for any Library Collection, and a Minister’s Must Have!

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