Our Denominational pride has stifled many moves of the Spirit. People can get caught up in the attitude of “Us Four and no More.” But What IF, He comes in an “unacceptable way” and through people of no reputation? It has been said that the seven last words of the church are: “WE NEVER DID IT LIKE THIS BEFORE!” What if God moves through a people and in a way

In these end times, more than ever we should be seeking the Lord for direction and watching with the Lord in Spirit and in truth, as Bible prophecy unfolds before our eyes. We will give a brief glimpse of what we feel the Lord is revealing about what is on the horizon. This new year seems to be strongly pointing to a time when God will be marking those with

People can often feel like giving up on their faith and stop believing for answered prayers when they go through a continuous cycle of issues that leave them worn out. Being tired and feeling worn out mentally can be caused by lack of sleep, financial stresses, medical issues, relationship problems and so much more. But God has promised us that He will renew our strength. He has promised to heal

King David wrote this song of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord as he reflected on the way the Lord delivered him from his enemies. Held within this one verse are seven analogies that characterize God as our deliverer and shows forth His concern and complete care for us. We must not lose sight that our greatest deliverance was from the captivity of sin, and it was only found through

WINDS OF CHANGE are upon us, and the natural realm will even prophesy it. Where there is Great Darkness, God will shine forth His Light. As we look in the Word, we find that oftentimes it is in the Darkest of times that God shows up with the Brightest of Light. Taking a look at the story of Jesus healing the blind man will help us to obtain and keep