Our Denominational pride has stifled many moves of the Spirit. People can get caught up in the attitude of “Us Four and no More.” But What IF, He comes in an “unacceptable way” and through people of no reputation? It has been said that the seven last words of the church are:


What if God moves through a people and in a way that contradicts our man-made doctrines and traditions? Will we shut Him out?

Listen to what Jesus said to the religious leaders of His day:

You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions. You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men. ~ Mark 7:9 ; 8


Jesus went out of His way to Heal on the Sabbath. He broke out of the constraints of Man-Made rules. And when He called Himself Lord of the Sabbath, He was proclaiming Himself Lord of every word of God made into a tradition of men. (This is the essence of all religious traditions: “God said this… but you say that” – and we think we are helping Him out.)

Which is more sacred to us, our “order of service” or the purpose of God? Which is more important to us, keeping the people happy (especially the good tithing members) or pleasing the Lord? If the Holy Spirit came with Tongues to a “Non – Charismatic church, would they reject their doctrine or reject the Spirit of the Living God?

If Revival meant Falling under the Power, would the People still allow the Power to Fall?

Revival always comes with Religious stumbling blocks, with divinely appointed “extra’s” that are not appreciated by all. “Extras” that mean death to pride and tradition. It comes with unwelcome “bonuses” of the Spirit, something unexpected in the package.

“Lord, we’re so glad for Your visitation, but who asked for all this deliverance stuff? Why are the people trembling uncontrollably and weeping? And what’s all this speaking in tongues? Can’t you send us a nice, tame, controllable outpouring that we can enjoy for a while and then leave in church?”

“God does everything “decently and according to order” (1Cor. 14:40): but according to His order, NOT OURS! Sometimes He has to Violently Shake Us Out of Our Ways before He Can Get Us Into His Way. The Bible says, “Test the spirits” (1John 4:1); It does not say “Test The Holy Spirit!” In other words, We don’t dictate to God.

Johnathan Edwards stated: “We ought not limit God where He has not limited Himself.”

Our personal preferences do not matter. Our “tastes” are inconsequential. He will move how He wants to move. He refuses to be put in a religious straitjacket. He will take His Spirit somewhere else, where the people will give freedom for Him to move…. Revival belongs to God.

It is true that revival brings division and persecution… it can bring reproach and misunderstandings as well, but not all of this is the Holy Spirit’s doing. The enemy also is at work to keep us from coming together to get the Kingdom call done. No revival is perfect because it comes through imperfect man. Yes, true revival does bring some healthy division: It divides the Hot from the Cold, and the Serious from the Superficial. For some it is Life, for others Death. For some it is Peace, for others a sword.

Revival leaves no middle ground!

“TRUE REVIVAL will always bring persecution because it will set some apart from the crowd. “How is it that the Moment you are filled with the Holy Spirit persecution starts? The devil and the priests of religion will always get stirred when a man is filled with the Spirit and does things in the power of the Spirit. If you remain stationary, the devil and his agents will not disturb you much. But when you press on with God, the enemy has you as a target.” (Smith Wigglesworth)

Then let’s press on with God! It is far better to be a moving target that the devil is trying to shoot at than to be his stationary, captive slave! It is far better to be out of the boat, walking on the water with Jesus, than to be sitting cozy with fear filled disciples, thinking that He is a Ghost!

It’s time to get out of the Boat and put your faith in action to do what God has called you to do. He is assembling His Army now and there is no time for distractions so, keep focused on Him because we know the end of the story, We Win!

(Quotes from Smith Wigglesworth and Michael L. Brown)

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