King David wrote this song of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord as he reflected on the way the Lord delivered him from his enemies. Held within this one verse are seven analogies that characterize God as our deliverer and shows forth His concern and complete care for us. We must not lose sight that our greatest deliverance was from the captivity of sin, and it was only found through His great love for us through the finished work of the cross (Ps. 18:2).

The seven analogies are as follows:

 Rock: David said He is a rock; that means He is unmovable and unshakable no matter what life is throwing at you in this moment. Our God is unchanging. He is sure, steadfast, and steady!

 Fortress: In Christ Jesus, we are held within a fortress in which the enemy cannot infiltrate. In Christ Jesus, there is protection.

— Deliverer: The Lord Jesus Christ has delivered us from the bondage of sin and the second death. In Christ, we live! Just as the Lord delivered David from his troubles, our Father Jehovah will do the same for us.

 Strength: This strength the Lord gives to us is not our own; it is a supernatural strength that comes through the Holy Spirit that enables us to run in the Lord’s rest. This type of strength is unwavering and unfailing.

 Buckler: He is our buckler, which means He is our armor! He covers us with His presence and shields us against our enemies.

 Horn of My Salvation: He is our Savior! Satan no longer reigns over us. We through being born again have been put under Christ’s reign. Satan has lost his power over us!

 High Tower: In the secret place with the Most High, we abide in the place of refuge and safety if our faith stays upon Him and Him alone!

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